Reading the Cosmos Nature, Science, and Wisdom, 2012

cosmosReading the Cosmos continues and extends Jacques Maritain’s spirited defense of natural philosophy as indispensable for an adequate account of the natural world. Drawing inspiration from such seminal works as Philosophy of Nature and Science and Wisdom, the essays in this volume span a wide range of issues of perennial interest to theologians, philosophers, and scientists: from the philosophy of science to the limits of scientific enquiry; from the laws of nature to natural law; from animal intelligence to intelligent design. Taken together, they constitute an engaging argument for the intelligibility of the natural world and the human intellect’s ability to discern transcendent realities through its reading of the cosmos.

Contributors are Michael Augros, John J. Conley, S.J., Travis Dumsday, Elinor Gardiner, O.P., Marie I. George, James G. Hanink, Andrew Jaspers, Gregory J. Kerr, Peter Koritansky, Mario Ramos-Reyes, Matthew S. Pugh, Anthony Rizzi, Jennifer Rosato, John G. Trapani Jr., and Nikolaj Zunic.

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