Franz Schubert and the drama of human existence

Schubert’s legacy to humanity in the twenty-first century is a summing-up of the drama of existence. The possibility of contact with another world “beyond” during life on earth was his special desire. He longed for the opportunity to hope, sure, tangible signs in the present: One thing of beauty should delight man for his entire life; it is true, but the splendor of this contact should illuminate all the rest.

His greatest work was unfinished: his life. And this was not only because, like so many of his brilliant contemporaries, but he also did not live beyond the age of forty. Franz Schubert was one of the most moving witnesses of the grandeur and longing in the heart of each man, chiefly because of his sense of the unfulfilled, of something in man that was never fully satisfied.” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>