Benedict XVI: five years later

The sense of nostalgia is, perhaps, the best explanation about my emotions today. But, today, at the anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI resignation, I felt nostalgia. As I was missing a treasure. I did not want to happen, but it did. It has been five years. It was a surprising, incredible event. A pope had renounced the papacy, and a new Conclave was called. A teacher, a philosopher, a theologian, a humble and wise man was no longer at the helm of Peter. Every day, I miss him, even more, his clarity about Catholic doctrine, the certainty of his judgment about contemporary culture. Indeed, I (we) do have his writings and testimony. But, is it the same? May Our Lord and his Holy Providence always make us understand His surprising ways!!

Plese read these words, about his predecessor, John Paul II, are today, more than ever, not only prophetic, but they are stridently current.

“As in the past centuries, today,  there are people that, neglecting the Tradition of centuries, would like to falsify the Word of Christ and take away from the Gospel the truths that, according to them, are too uncomfortable for the modern man. It is about giving the impression that everything is relative: even the truths of the faith would depend on the historical situation and human judgment. “


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