Maritain & Giussani


“…opening up to the world does not mean accepting, and certainly not uncritically, the world ideologies; it means finding the desire for truth that motivates humanity. Besides, you could see how unfounded were the positions of those who, for example, used to accuse us of integrism as they waved Maritain’s book, Integral Humanism at every turn. I believe there is no doubt  about the fact that if he were alive today and interested in Italian affairs, the great French philosopher would recognize himself much more in our position that in those of many of his followers from back then, (and from now): think of the reception given to his Le Paysan de la Garonne.”

                                                                                                                                      Luigi Giussani, An Interview with  Giussani, by Giorgio Sarco, May 1979, p. 17

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