Listen to “WCAT Radio The Open Door (August 7, 2020)” on Spreaker.
In this episode of The Open Door, Catholic philosophers Jim Hanink, Mario Ramos-Reyes and Christopher Zehnder interview Dr. Randall Smith of the University of St. Thomas (Houston) on the vexed topics of nationalism, statism, and sovereignty–in light of the common good.

Among the questions we’ll discuss, and you are free to add to the list, are the following.

1. Is nationalism a virtue or a vice?
2. How would you distinguish between the nation and the state?
3. What is “statism”?
4. We sometimes speak of “failed states.” Can such states be resuscitated?
5. In what sense is a nation “sovereign”?
6. A nation often turns to its traditions. Can you tell us when a tradition is living? Do any examples come to mind?
7. How might Socrates and Plato and Aristotle weigh in on the distinctions we are aiming to make?
8. Does the contemporary surge of immigration upend our political categories?
9. Can we expect to sort out our political confusions without doing some serious political philosophy?
10. Where does serious political philosophy get done today?

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