Blog: An strange view of conscience

On Conscience

The latest declaration of the former head of the CDF-Catholic Church is, for people like me, comforting, given the sea of confusion regarding the idea of conscience brought by the Amoris Laetitia. In his just-released book, Encounters, the former Prefect Cardinal Muller states that “the decision of conscience cannot be upgraded because it is the God-given supreme authority where I deliver myself up directly and in-person to the will of God who always desires my salvation. Our Catholic understanding of conscience does not, however, dispense with the mediation through the message of the Gospel and the Church is necessary for salvation.” […] “A conscience cannot simply decide for itself, for instance, that in a particular case the Fifth commandment does not apply” (pp. 142)

Too many claims about an autonomous view of conscience which could justify any type of behavior have been tossed around by so many clergymen lately.  A subjectivist view of conscience has penetrated profoundly in the Church, obscuring the most pristine teaching which comes from the Fathers. Deconstructionism takes no prisoners.