The Story of Jacques and Raissa Maritain

This is a unique documentary of one of modern Catholicism’s most creative philosophers. It traces the lives and work of Jacques Maritain (1882-1973), his wife Raissa, and her sister Vera through rare photos, interviews with people who knew them, and location shots. Meet Louis Chamming, a Parisian philosopher and disciple of Maritain, and his wife, Soizick, Olivier Lacombe, the noted Indologist and friend of Maritain, and many other friends, old and new: Anthony Simon, Cornelia Borgerhoff, Joseph and Irene Lynch, Roberto Papini, Deal Hudson, Ralph McInerny, René Mougel, and Antoinette Grunelius. And visit the Latin Quarter and Montmartre in Paris, Heidelberg, New York, Rome, Princeton, and Kolbsheim to see where the Maritains lived out their lives. This is a fine introduction for those who have not met Maritain and a beautiful chance to remember his many friends.