I am perplexed, paralyzed, sad..

..Reading and looking around at what is happening in the Catholic Church, these points enumerated by Phil Lawler are more than obvious. See here The complete respectable Catholic journalist I see that some people are “invited” not publishing anymore. ¡Silencio! ¡A callar he dicho!To put it simply: no dialogue, no debate. Is there anything more illiberal than that?  I am more than perplex, sad..

” It often happens that today theology is subordinated to ideology and ecclesiastical policies. Instead of exchanging arguments in an open debate, discredit is thrown on people. Every problem is focused on people, and so it is neutralized. Even if someone knows Sacred Scripture by heart, has studied the Fathers of the Church and proves to be a specialist in modern philosophy and science, it is sufficient for some isolated journalist or amateur theologian to call him “conservative” and all his knowledge will be reduced to nothing, as when the best wine becomes undrinkable when mixed with a drop of poison. Every newly appointed bishop is analyzed in his first press conference and is labeled conservative or liberal – whatever that means – depending on whether he expresses himself against or against the ordination of women, for or against the blessing of homosexual couples, pro or against priestly celibacy and for or against Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried. They do not affect other issues and do not count differentiated arguments.

Then insinuations of personal ideological tendencies take the place of an objective discussion. Those who favor a more flexible connection between ecclesial communion and the communion of the sacraments – apparently to facilitate access to the faith of today’s people – immediately accuse those who criticize them of being obtuse and of having a rigid and pharisaic adhesion to those dogmas. that the secularized Christian is no longer able to understand.”

Cardinal Mueller

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